Who I Am

Welcome! As a practitioner of tarot card reading for over 20 years  years and astrologer, I believe in sharing my gift and knowledge with others. Since I was a young child, I’ve had an interest in astrology and divination. Deep down I’ve always understood there are some things that need to be explained on a spiritual level. I enjoy tapping into the collective consciousnesses using symbolism and ancient wisdom to explain some of the unexplained. I am a self-taught tarot reader who has assisted many people over the years with guidance for their particular life concerns. In my readings I merge tarot and astrology to best provide insight to individuals.

Why get a reading from me?

My background is in writing and teaching, so I am easily able to break down and teach people about astrology and their charts. I not only like to explain the "what" to clients but the "why" and "how". My style is best for those who like spiritual insight along with knowledge.  I'm a natural researcher and I thoroughly enjoy helping people discover how astrology impacts their lives. As a Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising, I'm very analytical and love to break things down and really understand complexity of people and situations. With a Moon in Sagittarius, I am always seeking the deeper meaning in life which further drives my ability to help others find guidance and direction. In readings I use a combination of intuition, knowledge and research to best provide a thorough analysis of each person's unique situation.